Will it hurt?

You may experience slight discomfort,  but not pain. We use the pain free needling technique taught at the contemporary Medical acupuncture course taught out of the McMaster department of anesthesiology,  which greatly reduces the discomfort of needle insertions.Once the needle reaches the appropriate depth you may feel a deep ache and/or a muscle twitch.  Sharper pain is possible,  but unnecessary for our treatment's effectiveness,  so we avoid it. If we use electricity to increase the efficacy of our treatment it feels like a buzz, tapping or rumbling sensation. The stimulation is completely pain free if done correctly.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Acupuncture has been shown to be a safe and effective modality.  There is a slight risk of bruising,  and common side effects include drowsiness,  low blood sugar,  and syncope.

What should I bring?

Shorts and a sports bra or tee shirt,  depending on your comfort level. If coming after exercise or yoga be sure to bring something to eat after the treatment.

Do I need to be an athlete?

Of course not! The research in unequivocally on the side of regular exercise being good for you and we're big on it. We're on exercise like your dentist is on flossing. We'll gently remind you its a good idea and compliment you if you're following through.